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Bioterror Security


Protecting Against The Unthinkable

    ...a lone terrorist infects a major city’s water supply with plague

    ...a group of terrorists steals a small airplane and sprays a neighborhood with botulism

    ...a terror cell, working undercover, taints elementary school cafeteria trays with small pox.

These acts of terror--and hundreds more like them--were once the unthikable plots of science fiction and horror films. Today, they are components in scenario planning for bioterror warfare.

The threat to our nation and to civilized society is real. Vigilance is not an option for the serious-minded.

A Target-Rich Environment

Among the forms of terrorism to threaten us, bioterror is perhaps the most insidious. It can be carried out with readily accessible materials. An attack can be launched invisibly. And the attack will not announce itself until our citizens start showing up in hospitals and clinics.

The only way to handle bioterror is to be on guard, to be ready, and to be informed. Now is the time to provide training for those who will be called upon to respond.

How large is this audience?

According to the federal government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 500,000 Americans in the public sector alone need bioterror training. Another 3 million working in the health care sector also need training.

These are not first-responders, not the police, fire fighters, paramedics, and nurses who will bear the heavy action of any bioterror attack. These are administrators and their staffs, public health officials, educators and others who work in our public and health sectors.

In the awful event of a bioterror attack, they will be called upon to remain calm, to respond properly, and to understand the dynamics of the events going on around them.

That is where “administrative-level” training comes in. Not so intense or detailed as first-responder training, yet practical enough to build awareness and confidence.

The Bioterror Security Program
The Bioterror Security program prepares leaders with the knowledge they need to prevent, detect, identify, and respond to a bioterror attack.

A 12 course series, the Bioterror Security program provides insightful, high-level knowledge as well as practical training. It is available to be delivered online or by correspondence study (CD). It can also be used to support stand-up classroom training.

Program Structure
The Bioterrorism Security program consists of the following courses:

  • Bioterror – An Overview
  • Anatomy of an Attack: Case Studies in Bioterror
  • Biological Agents Used In Bioterror
  • Antidotes and Countermeasures
  • Logistics of Prevention
  • The Public Health System and Bioterror
  • Health Information Systems and Bioterror
  • Laboratories and Bioterror
  • Outbreak – Identifying an Epidemic
  • Managing The Epidemic
  • After The Epidemic
  • Frontiers In Bioterror

License and Purchase Opportunity
The Bioterror Security Master Certificate program is available for license to to training and education institutions, science and technology companies, government units, and professional services firms.

License and purchasing information.




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