Enabling Self Education

Let’s face it: “Education” as we’ve known it for generations is in trouble.

Stuck in an 1860’s “training workers” mindset, traditional education – from k-12 to higher to vocational – is pedaling hard but losing ground every day.

It’s the great heresy of our age, but it’s true: “Education” is no longer the way to become “educated.”

For now, and for the future, the way to success is self-education.

The New Standard for Being “Educated”

Knowledge is the raw material of success. Always has been.

However, the “Education Age” let us believe that merely having knowledge is enough.

As if “Being Educated” was a state, a status based on something done in the past.

It’s not.

“Being Educated” is now a verb, something we’re doing all the time:

  • Applying knowledge.
  • Activating knowledge.
  • Acquiring more knowledge.

Really smart people have already begun to figure this out and apply it to their lives.

Here is the new “education cycle” for success:

  • Seize Opportunity
  • Self-Educate
  • Create Value

These three items represent the keys to prosperity in the 21st century, and they available to anyone.

No elite education required. In fact, “elite” education probably only slows down the process.

Determined, free-thinkers have exactly the kind of gritty advantage formal education can never provide: They’ve already chosen their own paths.

Canis Learning Systems Projects

We love self-educators.

We’ve design courses, programs and media just for them:

  • Micro Schools: Tiny, highly targeted learning programs designed specifically for self-learners
    Ames Media Institute – Join the Now Media
    AppDevU.com – Learn to Build Apps. Fast
  • Openware Institute: Open courseware registry for a first-class college equivalent education. Tuition free. (coming soon)
  • The DropOut Zone: Our “Opportunity Portal” for dropouts.
  • VirtualStudent.com: Resources for virtual students.
  • Virtrain.com: The Web’s best virtual training for an accelerated on-ramp to a great career.

We believe in using technology and knowledge to create great businesses and careers. Entrepreneurship and – just as important – the entrepreneurial spirit are creating great updrafts in lives, cultures and societies.

We’re delighted to do a bit to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and traditional job-seekers build skills and careers through our learning projects at:

The LMS Matrix – Internet Marketing for Local Businesses
TechSpan Academy – Rapid skill development courses for manufacturing and industrial careers.

Canis Learning Systems Services

Course development – with over 15 years in non-traditional course creation, our proprietary Chasmiq learning methods helps students leap over “learning chasms” that separate them from their goals.

Program development – we have created degree (several types of bachelors, as well as MBA), certificate and subject-focused personal learning curriculum programs for a variety of clients. Among our favorites, a bi-lingual delivery program that permits learners to learn and teachers to teach, both in their own languages.

Media development – desktop video, simulation, role play, 3d virtual worlds, games… The age of education media offers an incredible array of options. We have experience with each of them, and learn more about them all the time!

There’s much more on the way.

We’re delighted to connect with self-learners.