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Course Development

Courses for Practical Skills, Training for Great Businesses and Careers As the pace of change in society, business and the economy accelerates, the time frame available for learning compresses accordingly. At one time it was perfectly… Read More »Course Development

Dropping Out Is Not The End

Dropouts still pay a social price for choosing to leave school early. Yet the very schools they abandon have in far too many cases already abandoned them. We will not “fix” the “dropout problem” by sending dropouts back to school. If school was effective for them, they wouldn’t have dropped out in the first place.

The only realistic option for dropouts – and for those of us in society who care about them – is to help them create new paths, new options, new direction.

Training for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

The top 10 “in demand” jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.

This trend will not reverse, or even slow. If anything it is accelerating. Most of the future’s best, most important and most interesting jobs haven’t been created yet. Our mission is to provide skills training for those jobs.

The OnRamp

Our economy is divided into those stuck in the traffic of yesterday and those in the express lane toward tomorrow. The difference is an onramp. Coming soon: OnRamp Jobs, from Canis Learning Systems.

School As A Service

School, as we’ve known it, is out. Yet knowledge is everywhere. School As A Service is the new role for school: Structure, Assessment, Validation

Hacking Education

Thoughts on the nature and process of hacking education.

Using Smallworlds for Learning

Smallworlds rocks.

A 3d virtual world, Smallworlds addresses a ton of the major drawbacks to its bigger competitors in the space:

– Browser based. No downloads, no installations, no patches, no reinstalls for updates. It launches inside the Web browser and can even be embedded inside Web systems. This makes the transition from, for example, a Web site or forum into out of Smallworlds nearly transparent.

– Flash platform killer graphics. The graphics look terrific. The development team has obviously coded something heavy on top of the Flash engine because the rendering is beautiful, and yet the graphics load very quickly.Read More »Using Smallworlds for Learning

SLoodling Along?

Progress comes in bumps and slides, sometimes. You work along for a while with nothing to show for it, and then all of the sudden a few things start to come together. You take those few things and add a few more things; before you know it, you’ve made a little progress.

That’s how things have been lately on the PlanetGED project.

Read More »SLoodling Along?