Using Machinima for GED Tutorials

We are still working to pull together the components of PlanetGED, our GED test preparation program.

Each year, around 700,000 Americans take the GED and about 200,000 of them don’t pass one of the five segments. We’re putting together a study program to help them succeed.

One of the driving values behind PlanetGED is user-friendly space and methods. We know it’s tough to go back to school any time, at any age, and even harder if you feel like school has already been a n0-go for you.

So we are working to develop a series of animated characters to “host” the program and to deliver short (1 minute) overview tutorials that introduce subjects, test taking hints, and key concepts. Hopefully, it’ll be done with a little bit of humor, too.

We had originally looked at online animation sites and, but it doesn’t look like either will be quite robust enough. We’d like for the characters to be engaging and fun, and also look great.

Our latest effort is to try to put together an machinima effort. If you’re not familiar with machinima, it’s really an art form that uses 3d gaming and virtual world platforms to create films, tell stories, and we hope, build tutorials. is a pretty good place to be introduced (head’s up: most machinima still uses video game assets and may have, shall we say, “adult” themes).

We’re starting to see some really great machinima using virtual world platforms like Second Life. With its stunning graphics Blue Mars looks like a no-brainer for machinima in the future.

At this point, we have a great team of game and audio developers waiting to get on with the project, and at least the prospect of a very exciting delivery program. We’d like to find a machinima filmmaker to take this part of the project and run with it.

If you know anybody who makes machinima either professionally or for fun, feel free to contact us via the comments (they’re moderated, but we’ll get back to you).

Otherwise, I’m going to have to learn machinima tools and techniques. Now that would be scary!