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The Learning Quadrant

This is why it’s so hard to get a grasp around “lifetime learning.” This, and the fact that most of us are so busy creating a lifetime that there’s not much time for “learning.”

Four Components of a Learning Lifetime

“Lifelong learning.” It’s all the buzz.

But what does it mean? Get more degrees? Read incessantly? Seminar after seminar after seminar?

More important, how do you do it?

Lifelong learning is made up of 4 slices. We create learning for each.

Formal Education

Formal, traditional education forms the base of your lifetime learning. From compulsory to advanced, formal education provides the platform to launch a learning lifetime. Or it should, anyway.

Diplomas, degrees and sometimes certificates (like the GED) make up your formal education. Many people also believe that “formal” education is the same thing as “complete” or “finished” education.

Big mistake. Life changes too fast. Opportunities and jobs disappear in a cosmic eyeblink. And new ones appear just as quickly.

Your formal education is only one component of a learning lifetime. There is plenty of good evidence to suggest that it’s not even the most important.

Our offerings in formal education:

  • Outsource degree programs
  • Bi-lingual education programs

Specialized Skills

Welcome to the world of niches. Here’s what’s happened: Standard “work” as we’ve known it for several generations is vulnerable to replacement. That is, if you can be trained to perform a function easily, someone else can be trained to perform that function, too. If that someone else is willing to perform your function for cheaper than you, guess what: They’re going to get the “job.”

It may not seem “fair” but it’s the way things work. Always have, always will.

What’s your best (maybe only) line of defense: Develop a specialized, valuable skill that someone else cannot easily learn. In other words, create your own niche. It’s not only smart to find and mine a niche, it’s also fun. Much more fun than a mundane, repetitive, work-for-the-man “job.”

Our offerings to help you create a specialized niche:

  • Ames Media Institute (creating media niches)
  • Institute for Technical Magic (coming soon)

Periodic Reskilling (and upskilling)

If you followed the point above about finding and mining your own specialized niche, you’ve just got to know: as soon as you develop a highly specialized and valuable niche, somebody else is going to want in.

So you’ll have to create another. Then another. Then another. It’ll never end.

That’s the nature of life in the Learning Age. Get used to it.

Our offerings to help you periodically improve, enhance or revise your specialized skill set:

  • Training Activator
  • Industry-specific Academies

Disposable Knowledge

It may sound like a heresy, but some knowledge is disposable. Use it once, twice, three times, and you’ll never need it again. (Think about your mad skillz in Wordstar 5 for an example.)

Our offerings in disposable knowledge:

  • OTF Tutorials

Welcome to Canis Learning Systems

We build learning systems in each of the 4 quadrants of a great learning life. Our mission is to create a lifelong “learning system” that meets the needs and demands of the Learning Age.