Course Development

Courses for Practical Skills, Training for Great Businesses and Careers

As the pace of change in society, business and the economy accelerates, the time frame available for learning compresses accordingly.

At one time it was perfectly viable to be “educated” over the course of a four year degree or two year graduate program. Now, especially in technical fields – or fields strongly influenced by technology – information is updated so rapidly, the longer programs simply cannot keep up.

In addition, career shifts and emerging opportunities often require a rapid redeployment of skills, talents and capabilities.

The short course form – sometimes blended into certificate programs – has emerged as a practical, powerful resource for on-the-fly learning.

Chasmiq Learning Method

Shorter courses mirror shorter attention cycles and shorter efficiency measures. Learners need practical, relevant, actionable material quickly, served with a minimum theory.

Rule 1: Practical application first. Theory follows.

Especially in the “on ramp” technical areas where we specialize, taking the first step into a new area or discipline can be very challenging. For some, it may even be intimidating.

Our “challenge loop” method integrates contemporary brain science with classic psychology to provide intrigue, achievement and reinforcement in lesson-based exercises.

Rule 2: Challenge, resolve, then activate.

Once learners start up the “on ramp” to a new skill or competency, there is almost always a “dip” in the path. Discouragement sets in, uncertainty abounds.

Good lesson design helps learners power through these inevitable obstacles, moving as quickly as possible up the “passion curve” toward their new skill.

Rule 3: Move the learner to passion-based achievement as soon as possible.

The proprietary Chasmiq learning method is designed to help boost learners past the “learning chasms” that stand between them and the better future they hope to achieve.

We bake it in to every course we design and deploy.

Our Current Course Inventory

The following courses are in the development process and are available for license.

– Advanced Fabrication
– Business Intelligence Simplified
– Practical Math for Manufacturing
– Production Supervision
– Transportation Automation
– Writing for the Now Media

Others are in the pipeline for later in the year.

License Fee: $4500.00 (US) up front. 10% of generated revenue, with price approval.

Partner With Us

We invite inquiries from partners who may have a platform for deploying these courses.

We partner with college and university continuing and professional education departments, course platform providers and individual training organizations to license and deploy courses.

Custom Course Development

We do provide custom course development and deployment services, including course materials, support and assessment instruments and learning management system integration.

Fees: Course development fees start at $1500.00 (US) per course module, 3 module minimum.

Contact us to start a conversation.