Dropping Out Is Not The End

…It’s just the beginning.

Dropouts still pay a social price for choosing to leave school early. Yet the very schools they abandon have in far too many cases already abandoned them.

We will not “fix” the “dropout problem” by sending dropouts back to school. If school was effective for them, they wouldn’t have dropped out in the first place.

The only realistic option for dropouts – and for those of us in society who care about them – is to help them create new paths, new options, new direction.

Fortunately, we live in an age and economy where it is always possible to start anew. We believe the future is bright for dropouts, and we look forward to helping them create new paths.

We love dropouts.

High school dropouts. College dropouts. Grad school dropouts. Corporate dropouts.

We love people who make their way in the world without the “officially sanctioned” diploma or degree.

We love people who “opt out” of kissing the corporate ring and instead do something worthwhile.

We love GED test takers.

We love self-starting entrepreneurs.

We love self-directed careers.

We love people who make their own way in the world.

Have you dropped out? Of anything?

Us, too.

We believe in dropouts. We believe in you.

Join us in the DropOut Zone.