Training for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

The top 10 “in demand” jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.

This trend will not reverse, or even slow. If anything it is accelerating. Most of the future’s best, most  important and most interesting jobs haven’t been created yet.

Our mission is to provide skills training for those jobs.

Impossible, you say? How could you possibly provide training for a job that doesn’t even exist?

We believe the future exists in the trends of today. The seeds of future careers exist in the breathtaking innovations exploding all around us.

Specifically, we’re watching 4 very dynamic areas of our economy and society:

– The Internet and Computing
– Automation and Robotics
– Life Sciences
– Energy, all types, but especially alternative

Check out our CareerGrid for more detail

How do we do it?

We focus on technology. Every industry is in the midst of  a profound updraft in technology. Even old school “low tech” industries are being  revolutionized by digital technology and automation.

We focus on science. Physics, chemistry and especially biology have jumped out of the textbooks and into the mainstream of 21st century life.

We focus on energy. Every aspect of life is fueled by some form of energy. In the 21st century, those forms are getting cleaner and more sophisticated.

Finally, we focus on craft. Every person has a unique contribution to make, based on finding and honing their personal craft.

We create programs that help people hone skills (their craft) in areas of emerging technology – computing and communication, automation, biosciences, green energy.

Our programs are delivered through partnerships with established schools via our Renescience Institute.

And they are offered free of charge through our network of microschools, in which we provide “School as a Service.”

Finally, for those who think the high tech economy has left them behind – no matter their age – we provide an “onramp” to tech skills through our TechSpan Academy.