TechSpan Academy

TechSpan Academy provides online training for high demand industrial skills.

The American economy is in the midst of a major restructure. Amid that huge shift a “Blue Quadrant Revolution” is under way.

The “Blue Quadrant” is where blue collar meets technology. It is the new, high tech factory floor. It is highly specialized processes that require highly specialized skills.

TechSpan Academy is the heart of the New Blue Quadrant.

College is expensive. Degrees may or may not guarantee success.

Yet learning is abundant. Opportunities are everywhere for those who keep up with the pace of change.

Need a degree? Consider an accelerated bachelors program.

Or want to check out an alternative to a degree? Our new Baccalaureate Charter is based on FREE Open Courseware Courses.

Check out

Open Courseware Registry – Coming Soon

Great colleges are making their courses available for free.

The only problem: You can’t get “credit” for them, or apply them toward a degree.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get recognition.’s Open Courseware Registry will provide a registration, tracking and documentation platform for free, open courses.

Learners will enroll in courses via the open courseware provider schools, then use OWI tools to complete, share and validate their performance.

ILOHE Alliance

Alliance for Independent Learning and Open Higher Education (ILOHE)

The ILOHE Alliance is a consortium of self learning providers dedicated to creating and supporting a validation standard for Independent Learning and Open Higher Education.

We have entered the Age of Independent Learning.

Life changes too fast and, frankly, education changes too slow. The only way to remain relevant is to learn constantly. For most of us, that means self learning.

And Open Higher Education is changing the world of education.

Starting over 10 years ago with MIT’s Open Courseware project, premiere colleges and universities have been putting their course materials online for free. Free. You can take world class education online for free. Problem is: There’s no standard for validating your learning. Until now.

The ILOHE Alliance

These days learning can be a messy business.

Gone are the times when you could just sit in a classroom for 15 weeks per semester, 2 semesters per year and 4 years later know everything you needed.

Now you have to learn all the time. On your own.

Can you validate your skills? Can an employer or partner or project team member?

They can if you measure them in Independent Learning Units (ILU’s).

Check out the ILOHE Alliance to learn how.

Openware Institute

Advanced Learning Programs Using Premiere Open Courses

The OpenWare Institute provides high level learning programs in high-demand areas, including:

Engineering Studies
Computing Studies
Data Science Studies
Management Studies

Openware courses integrate premiere learning content from the world’s finest universities with a challenge-based learning model. Students complete assignments, assessments and challenges to build a portfolio of achievement.

Open courses have shifted the entire landscape of higher education. Openware Institute helps students structure the open course experience around valuable advanced topics.

Checkout the Openware Institute.