TechSpan Academy

TechSpan Academy provides online training for high demand industrial skills.

The American economy is in the midst of a major restructure. Amid that huge shift a “Blue Quadrant Revolution” is under way.

The “Blue Quadrant” is where blue collar meets technology. It is the new, high tech factory floor. It is highly specialized processes that require highly specialized skills.

TechSpan Academy is the heart of the New Blue Quadrant.

College is expensive. Degrees may or may not guarantee success.

Yet learning is abundant. Opportunities are everywhere for those who keep up with the pace of change.

Need a degree? Consider an accelerated bachelors program.

Or want to check out an alternative to a degree? Our new Baccalaureate Charter is based on FREE Open Courseware Courses.

Check out

Open Courseware Registry – Coming Soon

Great colleges are making their courses available for free.

The only problem: You can’t get “credit” for them, or apply them toward a degree.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get recognition.’s Open Courseware Registry will provide a registration, tracking and documentation platform for free, open courses.

Learners will enroll in courses via the open courseware provider schools, then use OWI tools to complete, share and validate their performance.

ReneScience Institute

Study something closely enough and it becomes a science.

Give a subject your tightly focused, undivided attention, and it will open up to you at the granular level of a science.

The topic doesn’t matter. We focus on technology, but you could just as well study “the science of acting,” or “the science of archery,” or “the science of needlepoint.”

Inquire, explore, experiment, adapt, rinse, repeat. Anything that lends itself to the scientific method can be treated as a science: It’s time to renew our studies as “science.”

Through the ReneSciences Institute (RSI), we provide highly focused, very specialized learning programs in technical niches.

We make it possible for their students to study at the level of science.

In the process, we prepare students to participate in a “craft,” an area of specialized study they can apply to their own personal interests and abilities.

In RSI, we are helping solve one of education’s biggest problems. We are helping students learn to actually DO something.

That’s science!

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